[A Collection of Articles by Com. Prachanda and Other Leaders of the CPN (Maoist)]

Problem of Women's Emancipation and the Need of Today
- Com. Prachanda

 In a semi-feudal and semi-colonial Nepal, which is based upon the feudal Hindu patriarchal culture, fact that the women fall under the most disgraced and oppressed ones by the state power of feudal, bureaucratic and comprador bourgeois class, is a reality. Virtually, Nepalese women have been reduced to a second-class citizen. Not to speak of their gaining of right by women in a so-called democracy of the reactionary class of this day, women are more disgraced due to further intensification of women trafficking, rape and murder. Present rulers, who talk of women’s freedom away from practice, have been unable even to draft an equal law. In fact, they will not write the law and even if they do, in practice they will not provide that right to women. It is because the present state power stands on the concept and tradition of making women their slaves.

  The primary condition of women’s right in par with men in a society is their equal right in property. Without economic equality and freedom to talk of women’s development and freedom including in social and political field is only a deceit and conspiracy. Development of other rights and freedom of women can be possible through the very economic right and freedom. Fight of women for economic rights is not a question that could be won by women alone. For that, it is essential to establish People's New Democratic state power by toppling the present one, which stands on the exploitation and oppression of the entire working people including women. Therefore, the issue of women emancipation is inseparably linked with the issue of emancipation of the whole society.

 Behind the success and failure of any societal order and social revolution lies the extent and level of women’s participation. In a definite country, time and circumstance, the victory in the fight of broad masses against economic, political and cultural exploitation and oppression, on one hand, depends upon women’s participation and that, and only that, becomes the path of women’s emancipation, on the other.

 To talk of women’s right dissociating it from the process of New Democratic revolution in today’s Nepal can be nothing other than a conspiracy of counter-revolutionary elements. In the meantime, reactionary and opportunist elements are excessively becoming active in that sort of conspiracy in Nepal. Their activity is increasing due to the fear that their state power erected on exploitation and oppression may be toppled down by the rise of women’s participation in the process of democratic revolution, which is advancing forcefully in Nepal. The entire exploiters and oppressors within and outside the country are engaged in heavy exercises to divert women from revolutionary struggle for their genuine emancipation. The so-called world women's conferences, various types of seminars and conventions, government and non-government unions and institutions and the entire media of communication have been used for this purpose. Fanning vulgar and corrupt culture, they are conspiring to derail women from their duty. In Nepal, foreign imperialist capital is being flooded in the name of so-called women’s skill development, literacy campaign, etc., so as to deprive women of the consciousness of historical necessity of the country. Purchasing a handful of so-called clever and educated women from the elite and petty bourgeoisie class, this campaign is being run by the class of adulterous, rapists and looters of the entire world.

 Problem of Nepalese women is not the problem of so-called skill development and literacy. Even the skilled and literate people, who are deprived of right and are jobless, have been forced to live a life of disgrace and disrespect in India and in various parts of the world. Therefore, the question of skill development and literacy is only a reactionary ploy, replete with  pretension and absurdity. The problem of this day is the problem of emancipation from the reactionary state power based upon Hindu patriarchy. It is necessary to understand deeply that all the antics that are used to divert attention of the people from the war of emancipation at this juncture are anti-people, absurd and conspiratorial.

 In today’s Nepal, Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) is working seriously to lead for the emancipation of entire toiling masses including women in a New Democratic revolution. United People's Front, Nepal is in countrywide campaign in its support. This decrepit reactionary state power has totally fallen into crisis. The more it is trapped in crisis the more is it striking madly against the liberation movement of the people. It has driven the country into a condition of scarcity, anarchy and terror everywhere. Now, the use of force on the part of people has become inevitable against this state. That is why, CPN (Maoist) is appealing the entire people to prepare for marching ahead along the path of People's War.

 In this situation, the question of fighting with guns in the field has become principal for the real emancipation of Nepalese women, and not that of going to atrocious rulers with demands in hand. Since fifty years, Nepalese women have been peacefully demanding their rights from the state. But they could never gain their right. Rather, their condition is further worsening. Exactly the same condition exists among all the other sections of the masses of  society. Therefore, right is not a thing that can be obtained by demanding; there exists no other way except seizing it. People’s right will be established only by crushing this state power, which is sustaining itself upon the guns. To be involved in the process of People's War to decide one’s destiny by oneself together with that of the entire people, is the condition of emancipation of women. To deter conspiracy of all elements that tend to divert people from being involved in the process of People's War and to cooperate with and support it from one's place is the need of today.

 History will prove only  those women as conscious, heroic and epoch-makers who play an active role in this war of emancipation and break shackles of slavery since thousands of years. Now, history will evaluate women not on the basis of so-called skill and education of the feudal and the bourgeoisie but on the basis of the role they play in changing the society radically.
(June 1996)