[A Collection of Articles by Com. Prachanda and Other Leaders of the CPN (Maoist)]

Publisher’s Note

We are pleased to publish this second book in the series of our English publications after “Some Important Documents of the CPN (Maoist),” (2004). We hope this will fulfill, even though partially, the long standing demand of foreign readers to have first hand information on the revolutionary movement going on in Nepal.

This book is a collection of representative articles by the senior leaders of the CPN (Maoist), headed by Chairman Com. Prachanda, written over a period of last twelve years. Most of the articles included here are written by Com. Prachanda, so that the readers could get a first hand glimpse of the much talked about ‘Prachanda Path’. Also articles by other leaders would help to understand different aspects of the revolutionarily movement.

The articles included here are grouped along different subjects like: (I) Ideological/Philosophical Question, (II) Politico-Economic Question, (III) Political Question (IV) Military Question (V) Organizational Question (VI) Women’s Question, (VII) United Front/ National Question, and (Vii) International Question. This should be useful to understand the revolutionary movement from different angles.

We would like to thank Com. Basant, Com. Sher Jung and Com. Shova for translating most of the articles from Nepali. We thank all those who have made this publication possible.

January 2004.


Published by :
Janadisha Publications, Nepal