For the last eight years, a great People’s War against feudalism and imperialism is marching ahead in a rapid pace under the leadership of the CPN (Maoist), an inseparable wing of the international proletariat and a glorious vanguard of the proletariat in Nepal. The old feudal state has been wiped out from the entire rural areas extending from the southern plains to the northern high Himalayas, and the process of building new people’s power is advancing rapidly. This great process of the People’s War is now preparing militarily for a strategic offensive from the stage of strategic equilibrium.

 Foreign reaction, particularly American imperialism, is aggressively pushing ahead its conspiracy & intervention to snuff this great revolutionary process marching towards victory, while establishing the invincibility of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and People’s War in the 21st century and making the ringleaders of world imperialism awestricken. Foreign reactionaries, led by the USA, have been openly arming the so-called royal army to bolster the autocratic feudal monarchy, which has lost all mass base and credibility and is gasping in deathbed. Not only that, with a grand design of direct imperialist intervention against this great movement for completion of the democratic revolution with the wide participation of the masses, the USA has put our Party and the great Nepalese people in the so-called list of international terrorism.

 The Nepalese People’s War, striving for creating a new world for the masses against an imperialist world system that has created worldwide reign of plunder, aggression and terror through its military might and pushed the majority of the people of the world in a whirlpool of crisis, has naturally expected more support from the international proletariat and anti-imperialist masses all over the world.

 We have been acknowledging the need and challenges to communicate to the world public the high records of devotion and sacrifices of the Nepalese people to accomplish the Nepali revolution as a base area of the new world and the official ideas of the Party behind them. In this context, some official documents of the Party and collection of some of the authoritative articles in different subjects are now published in English. We hope that this process would be continued.

 I would like to extend heartfelt thanks to the comrades of International Department, Central Publication Branch and the translators for striving to make this publication a success despite such pressure of the vicious civil war. I am confident that such publications will contribute to the historical necessity of turning the 21st century into a century of the people and the People’s War with a great spirit of proletarian internationalism against world imperialism.

December 24, 2003

Chairman, CPN (Maoist)