The Worker, Organ Of CPN (Maoist)

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The Documents
The Document of Second National Congress of CPN (M)


Red Flag is Flying on the Roof of the World
Interview with Comrade Prachanda, Chairman of the CPN (Maoist)

The Press Statements

Latest Press releases
The Statement about the drama to prolong the dialogue and the crisis of the old state
* Press statement on the ceasefire (PDF format)

* Nepal Banda Successful: CPN (P) UPRC Thanked to all
* CPN (M) Press Releases on Mao day 26th Dec, January 3 ,13/14 Nepal Banda, & Eastern Command
* Jumla Raid: Statement
* Statement about the visit of Gyanendra to India
"Nepalese People's Appeal to Friends in India"
* URPC Statement on May 2002



Com. Baburam Bhattarai, PBM,CPN (M), Convenor, URPC
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