Central Committee

Press Statement

It is natural to be shocked to hear the news of the arrest of the most popular revolutionary leader in the history of Nepal Com. Mohan Baidhya (Kiran) and Narayan Bikram Pradhan who was helping in his treatment. So, who loves Nepal and is in favour of the oppressed could not remain without stunned and anger. We condemn the criminal act of the Indian government.

INSOF appeals to the people & democratic institutions of India and the whole world to defend the life of the arrested leader Comrade Baidhya (Com. Kiran). It is the duty and the great humanitarian work to fight the fascist act. And for the security of the life of the Baidhya who fought all his past 40 years for the total democracy of the people and against the evil ones.

These are not only mere imagination but also the ground reality of danger for the security of the popular leaders. The earlier handed over leaders Com. Matrika Yadav and Suresh Alemagar are in unknown conditions and in previous years’ leaders were subjected to serious torture and faced serious abuses. That’s why it is very serious consequences to extradite Com. Baidhya as well as Com Gajurel to the Nepali Hitler.

The movement led by CPN (M) for the total democracy is internal conflict of Nepal. The foreign intervention in no way is legitimate but the war crime against the Nepalese people.

A so-called democratic country arrests, oppresses and deports the freedom and democratic fighters of Nepal. All this is taking places under the instruction of the US imperialism and with the purpose of monopoly control of the natural resources of Nepal through the immoral bargaining of the revolutionary fighters. It is shameful for any humane and democratic party, institution and the individual.

On the other hand, these arrest in India shows the negligence of the security of the movement’s leadership. We appeal not be the relaxation in the security which can lead towards the condition of the movements in Peru, Kurdish or others. Masses are the creator of the history and revolutionaries could not survive without the masses and the circles of the revolutionary masses.

By saving the fratricidal feudal gangster monarch, will not the Indian government become the enemy of the Nepalese people ? That’s why we demand for the respectful release of arrested leaders. India should know execution of Bhagat Singh and other revolutionaries could not stop the freedom of India, which Nepal cannot be an exception. Thanks.

Date: 02 April 2004.

Janak Pathak
Central Committee