Jumla and Gorkha Raid Grand success

November 16, 2002/ The people Liberation Army has successfully raided the regional headquarter Jumla and highly fortified police station in district of Gorkha on 14th of November. The military offensive from the PLA took place just day after the success of three day general strike.

The government did not respond the demand of roundtable conference, formation of interim government and election for constituent assembly but continue the genocide, disinformation and the conspiracy against the people's war despite the demand was approved by the people and political parties through the success of general strike called by CPN (M) and URPC.

The PLA raid in Khalanga of Jumla remained grand success which captured the regional headquarter where around thousand security forces were stationed. Over 40 police and authorities killed and several other injured. The weapons and war equipment thereof captured.

Chairman of CPN (M) and supreme commander of Peoples Liberation Army Com. Prachanda has issued press statement proudly greeting and thanked the glorious fighters of PLA who participated in the raid in Jumla and Gorkha. He stated that the mass murder of the innocent masses will only increase the Peoples forces and support geometrically.

He expressed the grief on the news of killing of the 2 civilian and 22 other injured in Dolakha bus explosion at the last day of Banda. The statement mentioned that the party has started the investigation over the incident because by looking the nature of propaganda, the government is always carrying such false propaganda which done by the reactionary forces themselves to make peoples war unpopular. Soon the factual truth will come out.

Statement says if the killing of the masses continues on the cover of the dialogue, while ignoring the demands forwarded from us, the resistance will continue in a higher quality. See full Statement in Nepali. pjr