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Monday 21 February 2000

Maoist forum to intensify operations in S. Asia

By Aloke Banerjee

CALCUTTA: The Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, an international forum of Maoist parties, has decided to intensify its activities in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

The RIM believes in the Maoist principle of armed agrarian revolution and is currently trying to unite all Maoist parties in the world along lines of the Commintern. It is headquartered in Peru.

The regional conference of South Asian parties, recently organised by RIM, in which seven parties from India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka participated, decided to coordinate efforts to expand armed activity.

Targeting India, a resolution adopted at the conference said the Indian government has unleashed a reign of terror in Naxalite-infested areas of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and

Dandakaranya and is suppressing nationalist movements in the North-East and Kashmir.

The conference was attended by Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), Communist Party of Bangladesh (Marxist Leninist), Ceylone Communist Party, Proletarian Party of Purba Bangla, CPI(ML) Naxalbari, Revolutionary Communist Centre of India (Maoist) and RCCI (MLM).

A resolution adopted at the conference, a copy of which was made available to TOINS, criticised the military coup in Pakistan and the Sri Lankan Army's "onslaught" against

the Tamil population.

The conference appealed to the Peoples War Group and the Maoist Communist Centre, two Naxalite groups operating in India, to stop internecine clashes.

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